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Root Canal Therapy in Ocean City Rescues Ailing Teeth

Young woman with flawless smileAn internally damaged tooth will worsen if left untreated. To restore the natural tooth and prevent the need for extraction, Dr. Edward Dougherty can perform a root canal here at Delmarva Sedation Dentistry. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal relieves pain; it does not cause it. Please contact us in Ocean City, MD today if you have any questions for our team or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment.

A tooth has several layers. The hard outer layer of enamel, a secondary layer of porous dentin, and an inner layer of nerves and vessels called the pulp. The pulp can become infected if penetrated by a large crack or cavity. During a root canal, Dr. Dougherty cleans out the infection and seals off the tooth. In most cases, the tooth is topped with a crown to restore its strength and durability.

Root canals are important, so you shouldn’t delay treatment. The infection can spread, killing the tooth, in which case it will need to be extracted and replaced with a prosthetic. Dr. Dougherty has over 20 years of experience performing gentle root canals. Sedation will help you feel relaxed during the procedure. If you have severe dental pain or are noticing a lot of swelling around a single tooth, be sure to contact us as soon as you can.