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Our patients are always surprised at how stress-free going to the dentist can be thanks to Delmarva Sedation Dentistry. You can see what they have to say by reading just a few of our many 5-star reviews. We’re sure they’ll help put your mind at ease and let you know we’re the best place for your smile. After you’ve looked over them, please contact our office today to schedule your next appointment.

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Did you just have the easiest dental experience of your life at Delmarva Sedation Dentistry? We’d love to hear about it! Your reviews are a great way for our team to make sure we are doing everything we can to provide the highest-quality care and service. They can also be a big help to future patients, and we know they’ll appreciate your honest and fair review just as much as we will!

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 Iona, it was nice to meet you today, a day I have been dreading for months, but I have to tell you something I think I'm in love with Dr. Dougherty, he has treated me with more respect and caring than I have gotten from my own family members, he understood what it meant to me that I had lost my smile all those years ago. When I looked into the mirror this afternoon and realized he had also replaced my missing front tooth I cried, not good for my headache, but I saw me the person I used to be, the person that didn't have to hang her head in shame or try to hide when pictures were being taken. I know it is only temporary but I am going to smile at everyone I see far as long as it last. I had resigned myself to having to wait longer to get that tooth fixed because of my money situation, so this surprise was like Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into one, just to feel like myself again after so many years of being depressed.




Dear Dr. Dougherty

I have been meaning to drop you a line ever since our initial meeting and consultation. Somehow, time, earthquake, hurricane, extreme home building have passed and finally here I am.

I wanted to tell you how very much I appreciated your listening ear and compassion on that visit and since then.

I know God has directed me to you especially after reading about your recent trip. You are our brother’s keeper and I want to thank you for what you do.

Thank you in advance for your successful surgery


I called Monday and spoke with Iona and told her the pain I was in and she told me to come straight in Tuesday. Her and Dr. Dougherty made a special trip in for me. I am so grateful to these two great people who finally gave me light at the end of a terrible experience with an abscess. I couldn't have asked for any more caring people. Must be Angels cause they sure did give me a piece of Heaven. Thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart!:):):)


Good Morning Dr. Dougherty and Iona,

This is Shawna Anderson and I first want to say that I could never be more satisfied with a doctor than yourself. As you know I had to have major work done which I was scared about at first but once I get into your office that all goes away. You, your wife, and your assistant, who I love by the way and is so sweet, and your wife and her make everything so much easier on me when I am in that chair. I actually enjoyed coming to your office, which I never thought I would say about a dentist. So I want to thank you for your amazing work on my teeth, and your caring staff and yourself. And Iona is such a sweet women...she is the best type of person to have there by my side when getting teeth worked on. I always say to people that my grandmother is there beside in the chair which is Iona. So thank you...

And I also want to say that it is remarkable and admirable of all the additional training and education you take on, and especially the trip to Kenya, offering your own personal time and money to help less fortunate people....we need more people like you in this world....So I am just so happy I found you Dr. Dougherty and your family (including your assistant). Tell everyone I say Hello!....


Please allow this letter of recommendation to communicate my complete endorsement of the services of Dr. Edward T. Dougherty and the staff of Delmarva Sedation Denistry. Despite having a medical history which includes several serious surgeries, I am most fearful of major dental work. On October 14, 2010, Dr. Dougherty and his staff extracted two large teeth which were causing me substantial discomfort. The procedure was performed utilizing the assistance of sedation. The process went exactly as predicted by Dr. Dougherty and I remembered nothing about the removal of the two teeth. Furthermore, this may be been unique to me but I experienced NO PAIN AT ALL at the site of the two extractions. No pain that I recall of the office procedure and no pain in the healing process. The slight post-operative discomfort that I experienced was easily controlled with non-prescription pain medication. I found it unnecessary to even get the pain prescription given to me filled.

Anyone who is hesitant to have substantial (or any) dental work done due to their fear of pain should seriously consider the professional services of Delmarva Sedation Dentistry.

-Regards, Wayne

Dear Dr. Dougherty,

Wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care given me during my dental visit.

Having not seen a dentist for several years, I was quite apprehensive about doing so. Visiting your office was the best thing for me to do. I'm still amazed at the total lack of pain during and after my visit.

Again I say thanks and I will recommend you and your staff to everyone I know.

- David

Dear Dr. Dougherty,

I just wanted to tell you how much sedation dentistry and the excellent staff have changed my outlook on having dental work done. From the very first phone call when I was in pain, you and your staff worked diligently to extend their day in the office and stay late to accommodate me. You all were leaving for an educational trip, but took the time to relieve my pain before you left town. Cathy took the time to call me and found a time slot to get me in to have the work done once you all returned from your studies. This was fantastic patient care since you did not know me as a patient, and it was the first time I called your office. This is an awesome example of your philosophy to provide excellent patient care.

From the very first visit, I was treated with a warm smile, a heated usually a soft blanket from Iona, and a great head and neck message from Ba to help anxieties melt away. The sedation is a great option to have for patients like myself to get as much or as little dental work as you desire in one appointment. I commend you on your excellent staff, their dedication to patient care, their knowledge and joyful attitudes. You are a wonderful dentist that provides top notch dentistry, and are the reason I keep coming back without hesitation to receive the best dental care available. Thank you for making an obstacle of getting dental work done, now a triumph. You're the best!

- Darlene

Dear Dr. Dougherty & Staff,

I just want to thank you for a most wonderful dental experience - and believe me I have never said that before in my life! I was so afraid to have my wisdom teeth out and I am so surprised at how easy a recovery I am having. Here it is one day after my surgery and I feel great. I am feeling no discomfort at all and I haven't even felt it necessary to take the prescribed pain medication.

My experience with the sedation (a first for me) was wonderful. I was shocked to discover I had been in the dental chair for 4 hours! It felt like only a few minutes. I felt no side effects whatsoever from the sedation. I didn't even feel tired.

I am one of those people who is just scared to death to go to the dentist, I'd rather go through natural childbirth! But you and your staff were so nice and it really put me at ease. And I was pleasantly surprised.

When Dr. Dougherty called to me the evening of my surgery to see how I was feeling. I really feel I received superb care here. Thanks again for the wonderful and traumatic-free experience.

- Margaret

Dear Dr. Ed,

I want to thank you so very much for taking such good care of me during this time of restoration.  I’ve done it getting back to a full healthy smile.  Your expertise and reassurance always put me at ease.  I love my new smile and am beyond grateful to you and your lovely staff for your kindness…..

- Denise