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We Offer Advanced Dental Technology in Ocean City, MD

Intraoral images on computerAt Delmarva Sedation Dentistry, our team makes sure to take full advantage of the latest advancements in the field for the sake of our patients, including modern tools and revolutionary comfort techniques. Dr. Edward Dougherty enjoys being able to improve accuracy, convenience, and relaxation at every stage of your appointment, whether you’re undergoing a simple diagnostic procedure or you’re pursuing advanced reconstructive care like dental implants. Please contact our Ocean City, MD location today if you’re ready to pay us a visit – we love welcoming patients in from all over the Delmarva Peninsula.   

Intraoral photos on chairside computerIntraoral Cameras

While a dentist is busily exploring your mouth during a routine appointment, many patients are left wondering what exactly they’re seeing. Thankfully, our modern intraoral camera can make you a full partner in the diagnostic experience! This comfortable, camera-tipped wand is inserted past the lips, and within seconds, high-resolution images of your unique smile can be transferred to a convenient monitor in the room. This visual aid allows our team to more clearly point out problematic areas and explain the effects of certain treatment options, helping patients feel much more confident about the future of their oral health at our practice.

Panoramic dental x-ray on chairside monitorDigital X-Rays

The days of traditional darkrooms and light boards are long-gone at our Ocean City practice. Instead, our team utilizes digital radiography as a superior method of identifying dental concerns beneath the surface of our patients’ smiles. The highly detailed images we capture are instantly viewable on our computer system – no development and no tedious waiting required! Better yet, the drastically reduced radiation exposure (up to 80-90% less than traditional x-rays) leave patients much safer and more comfortable in the treatment chair. 

Patient receiving 3D digital x-raysCone Beam Scanner

When planning intricate procedures like surgical dental implant placement, a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s smile is truly necessary to ensure long-term success. That’s why Dr. Dougherty utilizes a revolutionary cone beam scanner that goes a step beyond two-dimensional digital x-rays. This machine rotates around the patient’s head, capturing a panoramic, three-dimensional model of not only their teeth, but their jaw, their sinuses, and even the location of delicate structures like nerve endings.

Digital impressions on computer screenDigital Impression System

Countless patients surely remember the days of holding physical impression materials in their mouth and trying very hard not to gag. In addition to the discomfort, this technique often resulted in imperfect models, requiring time-consuming retakes that left patients miserable. At Delmarva Sedation Dentistry, we’re glad to have replaced this age-old process with a much-improved one – digital impressions! Now, creating a precise model for restorative and cosmetic care is as easy as scanning the patient’s teeth and transmitting the information to our computer system as they relax comfortably in the treatment chair.

Soft tissue laser toolSoft Tissue Laser

The use of a soft tissue laser makes periodontal treatment more effective, precise, and comfortable than ever before! Dr. Dougherty regularly uses this state-of-the-art approach to treat gum disease, perform aesthetic gum recontouring, and provide other necessary procedures in an optimal fashion. The focused wavelength provides instant sterilization that minimizes uncomfortable post-operative symptoms like bleeding and swelling, and patients are typically able to recover from their treatment much faster as well.

Woman relaxing in hammockThe Wand

Ensuring patient comfort is truly our team’s top priority at every stage of dental care, and this includes the administration of anesthetic. For patients who find this process uncomfortable or frightening, our use of The Wand creates a much more pleasant experience overall by hiding the needle and exposing the gum tissue to the anesthetic before any actual contact with the skin is made. This creates a simple and comfortable pathway for the anesthetic that falls below most patients’ threshold for pain.